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If I didn’t have insurance I’d be spending like $1,500 a month on medication. Fuck.

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Hopefully increasing my meds is gonna help… it’d be great to not feel this shitty for any longer.

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POSSIBLE TW: Depression

So I came to a realization today about myself.
I was talking to Dan earlier and this is what I said:

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Pharmacies should just give the name brand medication to people unless specified that generic is okay. That’s it. End of story. Also, if a person is on a generic medication, they should do try to keep them on the SAME generic medication. ESPECIALLY when it’s related to mental health.

Okay, so I do a lot of research on this stuff on my own and on my own medications and had someone at work tell me something about generic medications so I went back to look at some of mine knowing they started switching me over to generics. Wellbutrin I know I never wanted generic, the pill looks the same, but a close look at the bottle tells me that it’s Anchen which is something new to me. Lamictal they have been switching me back and forth between several generics.

My mood has been SHIT lately. I’ve barely gotten out of bed for about a month and a half I think (this is month 2 of them messing with my medications), I’ve had KILLED freaking headaches every single day, I’ve been dizzier than normal, crying more than normal, ect.

Obviously, I know this is in part due to Dan being gone… but not all of it. So after talking with my co-worker and looking at my medications, I decided to do some more research and the FIRST ARTICLE I found this morning lists both Wellbutrin and Lamictal of medications that have been found to have major differences between name brand and generic.

With my old psychiatrist, there was never a problem. I think he did a bunch of paperwork or whatever to make sure this never happened to me. Even more reason he was the best ever.

Anyway, I digress… if you’ve noticed changes in your mood after a pharmacy has switched you to a generic medication, talk to your psychiatrist about it. It’s possible that the generic just isn’t cutting it for you or you may have more side effects to it. They can check off a box saying to only give you the name brand- no generic. Or your dosage may just need to be adjusted.

It may not make any difference to you, but for some people, it does. And it’s important to stay educated on what you’re putting into your body.

If you want to see the first article I was reading; 

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Things seem find now but I probably won’t really be on the rest of the day once I get back from work cause it’s 9/11.

It feels SO good to actually be able to do things like read and watch divorce court with my grandpa and do laundry rather than working myself to death :)

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REALLY hoping my teeth stop bleeding within the next hour…

I found out my body fat percentage for the first time ever today and didn’t punch anyone in the face… this is a major accomplishment :P

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This has been the LONGEST week ever and it’s still not even close to over…

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This has been a serious week of “I-need-distractions”… and it’s still only Wednesday…

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Stress is a bitch.

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Not feelin’ work today…

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I’ve been in SO much period pain since yesterday… I really just want it to stop.