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Anonymous asked:
Do you like know anyone on tumblr who's lez or bi or soemthing so I can follow and talk to?

A lot of people…

I’ll just ask them to comment/like this for you cause there’s too many to name <3

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  1. neonpinkmoron said: i’m bisexual and i’m happy to talk to anyone :)
  2. youchangealltheleadtogold said: Me :)
  3. 111111ref said: I’m the biggest sexiest LESBIAN OUT THERE. I’m not joking, promise.
  4. fuckyeahmelissafabello said: I’m queer.
  5. iliketosqueak said: I’m the “or something” c:
  6. phantomviolet said: holla at dis homosexual anytime
  7. tweedbleed said: Meeeee! :)
  8. jadesparka said: my ask is always open to talk about sexuality XO
  9. rattyrattyjo said: I’m definitely a lesbian.
  10. bemyownheroine said: I am bisexual, and always willing to talk. :) somebodythatiusedtoknow…
  11. foundmywaywheniwaslost said: I am bi. Come talk to me on my personal blog capturedbylovee
  12. fixthosebrokenwings said: I’m a lesbian and am happy to chat to you anon x
  13. redhairandtealnikes said: I’m bisexual, if you’d like to talk to me anon.
  14. queer-punk said: If you need support with sexuality, I’m here!
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