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Flushed a handful of diet pills on my way out to therapy this morning cause I was supposed to try to get rid of half as my homework for the week… I guess a handful was about one third… not gonna post the picture because I don’t wanna trigger anyone.

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  1. carlycarlycarly said: I threw away all of my Medifast products I had under my bed about two weeks ago. (Obsessed with dieting/binge eating disorder). But it felt SO GOOD!
  2. closed-eyes-hopingforbetterlife said: Better than not flushing any- good job :)
  3. 1lostsoulinafishbowl said: I am so happy for you!!! That’s a great move forward. :-)
  4. lola-forizzle said: It’s a start and better than nothing! That’s awesome. :)
  5. sophliness said: one third is better than none, well done. :)
  6. thebeautyinbeautiful said: you just give me so much hope :’)
  7. thecoolurlsaregone said: :)
  8. orqide said: I am SO proud of you<3
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