1. Using food is your way of trying to comfort yourself – a binge is your attempt to take care of yourself in the way that seems best to you in the moment
  2. It’s the past now – the future is fully open for you to make whatever choices you want
  3. You’re human and no human makes decisions that are 100% healthy, 100% of the time
  4. Your body is an intelligent system that knows how to process the extra food and make the most of the energy
  5. Binges are great teachers – they show you that you’re not addressing something in your life (stress, anxiety, sadness, disappointment, boredom, relationship strain, poor self-esteem, etc…)
  6. You can do things differently next time
  7. Every time you binge you learn something  about what triggers you or what you need to do to take better care of yourself, so, if you choose to learn from each binge, you’re actually getting stronger
  8. You wouldn’t hate your friend if she confided in you about a binge, so why hate yourself?
  9. A binge is just one action in one short moment in time – it doesn’t define who you are
  10. Once you figure out what triggered the binge, you’ll be better equipped to handle similar situations/feelings in the future
  11. Feeling negative about any situation never makes it better, so why wallow? Get back up and dust yourself off
  12. Now is the best and most important time to practice self-love and forgiveness
  13. The effects of a binge are temporary – over time you’ll feel better physically, mentally, and emotionally
  14. Hating yourself is choosing to listen to the voice of ED instead of your wise self who loves you unconditionally
  15. Guilt is a choice – you can just as easily choose forgiveness
  16. Compassion is freedom from suffering
  17. Although your body feels like a balloon, it’s physically impossible to permanently change the shape of your body from one binge
  18. Binges help you get in touch with your emotional world, if you allow yourself to evaluate whatever it is you wanted to numb
  19. You’re worth loving and treating with respect
  20. You are on a path to recovery and that means falling sometimes – just like a child learning to walk, you are learning how to navigate life’s ups and downs without abusing food – freedom from this cycle comes with time, not overnight – you are heading in the right direction with each decision to practice self-love, forgiveness, and compassion


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