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Picky Eaters with Eating Disorders

So I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately because there is such a fine line between the two when you have an eating disorder and really only you can define that line and distinguish between the two.

Last weekend I tried something new… and I realized that what I had tried was something I’d never had because of pickiness.

One of the thing I think is important, is to distinguish between ‘fear foods’ and foods that you are simply don’t like for taste or texture reasons. 

And it’s really… a touchy topic I think… because extreme pickiness could lead to or even be an eating disorder. For me, I’ve been picky since I was a kid… for as long as I can remember… I know I’m just really sensitive to tastes, I can’t have anything too overwhelming, overly textured foods can be too much for me sometimes… but it’s always been that way, which is how I know I’m a picky eater.

I think many people suffering from eating disorders may claim to be a picky eater even though they aren’t. So I think it’s important for everyone to evaluate weither or not this is actually true or they just have a lot of fear foods. 

I meant for this post to have some logical sense… but I think I just ended up rambling.
Once I make more sense of it in my brain I’ll see if I can make more sense of it for you guys to… I just wanted to get it out of my head. 

**Oh, but I should add… while I do believe in being a picky eater, I still think it’s important to challenge limits due to picky eating as well as fear foods. You never know. You might find something you like.

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