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When my therapist wants to work on a behavior I’m not ready to give up yet




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Anonymous asked:
I'm not trying to be difficult and I really appreciate your ideas but she takes all electronics!!! locks the TV so you can't turn it on without a passcode, takes iPod shuffle, and my camera. like df am I going to do with a camera????????

Okay that’s ridiculous. Well, books aren’t electronic, so reading is still an option… you could find some type of videogame-like toy for like $10-$20 and she doesn’t need to know you have it.

But like… are you serious? I don’t even know if that’s like… 

You said that you’ve told her about how you’re feeling right? Does she know that you self harm as well at those times? 

You can still talk to another adult and see if they can talk some sense into her… but I’m honestly at the point where if I were you I would go to the school counselor and explain what’s going on. Then you can ask if they can talk to your mom as well because if she knows that you’re hurting yourself and if you’re trying to tell her that she’s taking away the things that help you cope at night- that’s just not okay.

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Anonymous asked:
she takes my cellphone....

Oh wow, that’s terrible. I’m sorry hun.

How about trying the TV/movie/book thing for a few nights? You can also try to find other forms of distraction. 

Maybe even a game… like something small. A handheld type game. And if they have like “Sims” type games that could help a bit. Again, not actual social interaction, but sometimes stuff like that could help. 

Anonymous asked:
I mean this as no insult to you but @ first I thought it was silly for them to have contests on who's the best blog because honestly we shouldn't play favorites.. It's rather dumb but that's the way of the world I suppose. But I wanted you to know that I ended up voting for you anyways because you're truly wonderful and deserve it 100%! Much love.

Honestly, I don’t think anyone is the “best”. We’re all a little different and everyone likes all the blogs they follow for different reasons.

Thank you for the vote though! I really am just happy I was nominated. Haha, I feel like a little kid because I’ve never really been nominated for something so I got all excited :P

Anonymous asked:
What are some early symptoms of an eating disorder? What were some of your earliest symptoms? I've been struggling with my body image and obsessing over my weight and calories, to the point where I'm getting upset over it. I'm terrified because I've struggled with depression and self-harm in the past and I know how dependent one can become on unhealthy behaviors. I want to stop before it gets too serious.
  • Inadequate intake leading to an unhealthy weight
  • Intense fear of gaining weight, obsession with weight, persistent behaviors to prevent weight gain
  • Self-esteem overly related to body image
  • Frequent episodes of consuming very large amounts of food with a the feeling of being out of control
  • Strong feelings of shame or guilt
  • Purging behaviors: over exercise, self induced vomitting, laxative or diet pill use

My concern is that since you’ve struggled with depression and self injury that you may be more susceptible to an eating disorder. I’m not saying that they run hand in hand at all, but it is common for people to experience them both. The other thing that I always tell people is that if you’re concerned that you may have an eating disorder than that is enough of a sign that something is not okay. NEDA is a great resource for you to check out.

You can check out MayoClinic for a list of physical symptoms a person suffering an eating disorder may be experiencing.

Anonymous asked:
hey kat, how have you been lately? i hope everything is going alright! x


I’ve been having a rough time but I’m determined to bounce back

Anonymous asked:
So my mom takes my phone & laptop when she goes to bed (around 8:00). With the lights in the house all off, and no interaction, I feel extremely depressed and lonely. I always self harm in these times and when I tell my mom she "doesn't want to hear it". What can I do? (ps. his isn't the anon that said i'm not ok)

Hmm… well, do you have a cellphone? You can call/text people… you can also play games as a distraction.

TV? When I was living alone I used to leave my TV on because I somehow felt less lonely… no interaction per sei… but it helped a bit. 

Reading could help as well… if you can get lost in a book it sort of takes you out of reality and into the setting of the book. 

Also, are there any other adults you could talk to that might be able to talk to your mom? Like… aunts/uncles, friends parents, ect… If she hears from another person that it’s something to help you cope then maybe that will help… maybe you can compromise with her or something.