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People that know about my ED talking about calories during meals




It’s a process, change takes time.

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Everyone is autistic, some people just don’t know how to deal with it.

Oh jesus, seriously? I mean I’ve heard the first half of that but the second half is INSANE. I’ll definitely put this on the list.

So, I just reblogged something that I wrote a while ago about things that have been said to me with good intentions but that actually end up hurting me and I’ve decided to make a general post of a lot of the things we commonly hear and how our thoughts on them or something like that to educate the people who are supporting you.

In my previous post I had the examples, “guys like girls with a little meat on their bones” and “guys don’t go for skinny girls” in regards to eating disorders or body image issues. There are also things I commonly hear about being bipolar, “everyone is a little bipolar” is probably the most common.

ANYWAY, I thought you guys could give me some input! Eating disorders, mood disorders, anxiety disorders, ect.

Just let me know something you commonly hear with good intentions and how it actually makes you feel and I’ll see what I can put together :)

Comment below or reblog with your response. I’ll be starting a list!


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When the cashier makes a comment on the binge food you’re purchasing:




"Guys like girls with a little meat on their bones."
"Guys don’t go for skinny girls."

1) You really think I give a fuck?
2) If a guy is into me it sure as hell better be for more than just my fucking body.

Comments like this do NOT motivate me to recover. They put emphasis on body and on relationships being based on physical appearance. Plus, I don’t engage in unhealthy behaviors to make myself look better for anyone else! Like, seriously.

Not to mention all the people out there who are subconsciously trying to make themselves appear less attractive because of past trauma… cause that happens too.
Way to reinforce unhealthy behaviors for someone.

And I’m sure that people say similar things to males with eating disorders… these are just ones that I personally hear a lot.

I know that when people say things like this they’re usually trying to help… but just don’t. 

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