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When I shut my therapist out


she’s like:


And I’m like:


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Anonymous asked:
Do you have any stuffed animals from when you were little?

I don’t think so… maybe… somewhere.

The only ones I would really want would be my big bunny (sold at a garage sale) and Pepper (I have no clue what happened to him). 

I’m not sure if I have any pictured of Pepper… he was great. I think I was a little older when I got him.

Anonymous asked:
Funny story that I hope will make you smile - I interned with an elementary music teacher once, & there was a 2nd grader w/hearing aids. Whenever he would get pissed off or annoyed or bored, he'd look at me & take out his hearing aids. The teacher would say to him, "Marc, put your hearing aids back in" & he'd reply with "I can't hear you." I know that kid is going to grow up to be a pretty rad person. Anyway, hope you are feeling alright. :)

Haha, this reminds me of my grandpa.

When he gets annoyed with everyone he just turns his off.

Anonymous asked:
Do you speak any languages other than English? Are there any you'd like to learn?

Speak? No. 

I know a few words in ASL but I need (want) to learn more. 

I can pick up words in french or italian… but not really speak either.

findbeautyinabreath asked:
If you were an animal what do you think you would be and why (based on like personality and habits) and if you could pick an animal to be what would you pick and why?

Black Panther


Well… this is what I would want to be… if you look up black panther symbolism it’s AMAZING. 

What I actually would be?

Probably a Puffin, haha… apparently they’re very clumsy. 

Admitting a lapse to your therapist



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granolaprincess replied to your post: Distractions would probably be a good …

It’s storytime! Tell us about your: 1) first memory 2) first crush/kiss 3) best day in recovery 4) what your wedding day/ perfect day in the future will look like

1) When I was little I taught my big brother how to use the VCR. No one else thinks this really happened. I also saw a beaver at Niagara Falls… like, a baby beaver or something and no one believed that either but I found the photo evidence. I don’t remember either in much detail.

2) My first crush was in 1st grade and he moved after school ended that year… on the last day of school (the last day I saw him… ever) another kid in my class told him that I liked him as we were lining up to go home. My first kiss I was 14 and we were locked in an itty bitty bathroom and I didn’t know they guy, he was 17, and he straight up was like “so do you wanna have sex?”… not the greatest experience… and people wonder where I get the idea that guys only use me for sex from -_-

3) Hmm… I’m not sure right now… ask me again in September.

4) I don’t like thinking about my wedding too much TBH because first- I’m worried I’ll never get married and second- I don’t wanna have these unrealistic expectations. I just want whatever it turns out to be like to be perfect :)

mixedlollybag asked:
describe the layout and design of your perfect house! Where is it? Rooms? What style is it? What kind of garden?

I want a split… not too big, just enough room. There’s going to be a master bedroom on the highest floor and then one level down 3 bedrooms. The main level will be the living room and kitchen, downstairs will be the family room/play room. There’s also going to be a gym somewhere in there… maybe another room on the bottom level. I’m not sure. It’s going to be somewhere that you can see all the seasons and it’s going to have beautiful views of all the leaves changing in the autumn from any window in the house. 

I’m not sure about a garden because if I were in charge of a garden everything might die… so we’re just gonna put some more pretty color changing trees in there for right now :)

Anonymous asked:

Anonymous asked:
would you want a little pocket dragon that would blow little puffs of fire at mean people and nuzzle you if you're upset?


Anonymous asked:
What is your favorite thing about each of the seasons?

Winter: snowstorms
Autumn: everything (weather, events, colors, smell)
Spring: weather
Summer: thunderstorms